Instructions for use Zodiac NEOPRENE HYPALON glue - 2 components

Instructions for use Zodiac adhesive (NEOPRENE HYPALON)

Z7098 2 components

A. The temperature of the room in which the bonding will take place must be between 20° and  25°.Luchtvochtigheidsgraad mag niet hoger zijn dan 70%.

B. Humidity level should not exceed 70%.


  1. Mix the adhesive and hardener well; The mixing ratio is indicated on the packaging (for 125 ml of glue you need 7.5 ml of hardener). After about 30 minutes the glue is workable.
  2. Cut the patch (sticker made of NEOPRENE HYPALON material) to size and mark with a white pencil, silver or green ink pen on the spot on the boat to be repaired. ATTENTION: absolutely do not use a blue-writing pen!
  3. Sand both parts (both the patch and the location on the boat).
  4. Degrease the spot on the boat and the patch with thinner. ATTENTION: do not use products with Acetone. Only degrease the marked area on the boat.
  5. Lightly coat the patch and the area on the boat, preferably with long straight strokes. Then let it dry for about 10 minutes.
  6. Again thinly coat the patch and the area on the boat with long straight strokes and allow to dry for 10 minutes.
  7. For the 3rd time, lightly coat the patch and the area on the boat with long straight strokes and allow to dry for 10 minutes. The glue should no longer “peck”.
  8. Connect the patch to the boat and then press the patch firmly from the center outwards. Pressing can be done with a blunt object.
  9. Immediately clean the glue residue with the special thinner for NEOPRENE HYPALON and then firmly press the edges of the patch again.

Then let it dry for at least 24 hours at a constant temperature.

ATTENTION: when the glue turns white, you can NOT continue gluing.

One of the points mentioned above under A or B is the cause of this.



When repairing an air leak, deflate the boat/floater before repairing. After this, do NOT inflate/inflate the boat for 24 hours due to the drying time of the glue.


Download the repair instructions?

Click here for the gluing instructions for repairing your NEOPREN HYPALON inflatable boat or RIB with the Zodiac NEOPRENE HYPALON glue 2-components.

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