Cleaning an inflatable boat | How do I keep my boat clean?

We have been cleaning inflatble boats and RIB boats for more than 30 years and have already tested various products.


Why it is important to clean the inflatableboat regularly.

To preserve the inflatble boat and extend its lifespan, it is important that it is cleaned properly on a regular basis.

A rubber boat (inflatable boat) is subject to weather influences and pollution. Proper maintenance of the inflatable boat will prevent sand, algae deposits and other (stubborn) dirt from affecting the material of the inflatable boat and thus shortening the lifespan of the boat.

In addition, sand has an abrasive effect and can also end up in the valves or self bailer. This could cause the valves to leak, causing the inflatable boat tube to soften. Dirt and sand can also get between the membrane of the self bailer, causing it to no longer close properly and allowing water to enter the boat while sailing.

Growth (algae) on the underside of the boat can affect the material of the bottom (foldable inflatable boats) and can also cause loss of speed of the boat (RIB boat).


Which inflatable boat cleaner should I use?

We often hear that people clean their boats with regular cleaning products such as all-purpose cleaner, green soap, dishwashing liquid or Dasty. And yes, this does indeed clean the boat, but these products damage the material. This is not immediately visible, but eventually problems arise with the material of the inflatable boat.

In addition, there are various inflatable boat cleaners for sale, but many of these products are not officially approved by the inflatable boat manufacturers.

When using these inflatable boat cleaners, you will initially not see anything strange about the material of the inflatable boat. But unfortunately, many of these products also affect the material of the inflatable boat or RIB boat. This will reveal itself after some time.

The tube of the boat then becomes yellowish and sticky.

Unfortunately, once this process has started, it cannot be restored.

We recommend using the special inflatable boat cleaner from Blue Marine;

This product has been extensively tested and officially approved by the various inflatable boat manufacturers.

You can use New Magic to clean the inflatable boat or tube of your RIB boat.

This is the best inflatable boat cleaner available on the market and does not damage the material of your boat! Not even in the long term!

New Magic inflatable boat cleaner works very simply and quickly. You don't need much to get the inflatable boat nice and clean again.

Clean the boat thoroughly according to the instructions for New Magic, both inside and out.

PLEASE NOTE: never use a high-pressure spray on the material (rubber) of the inflatable boat!

After cleaning with New Magic, rinse the boat thoroughly with clean water so that all soap residues are washed away and then let the boat dry. With the smaller inflatable boats you can let the boat dry upside down.


The last step; protect the inflatable boat against future dirt and UV radiation!

Once the boat / float is completely dry, we advise you to apply protection. This ensures that new dirt does not easily stick to the boat and protects the material against UV radiation.

Our personal favorite is: New Gum Spray.

This spray is also very useful when the boat is in the water and works quickly!

If you prefer to wax the boat by hand, you can use New Gum Cream.

This product polishes and protects the tube of inflatable boats made of PVC or NEOPRENE HYPALON material against UV radiation and yellowing. It prevents thickening of the material.


Still have questions about cleaning the inflatable boat?

If you have any questions about how best to clean your inflatable boat, please contact us!

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